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My Eyes
Standing by sena you stared up at the Statue of Liberty and watched Hiruma at the top.
"What is he doing up there?" Mamori asked.
You shook your head and stared up at him.
"Hi! You must be the guys from Japan!" You herd over to your left.
You were greeted with a big SHINNY smile from a boy that stood in front of Yamato.
Your eyes widen at the site.
Mouth opening.
A scream ripped through the air as you dropped your bags and held your eyes.
Mamori came running to your side holding you still.
The boy named Hakkinen turned and watched you.
"Is she going to be ok?"
Yamato smiled and laughed.
"Oh she'll be ok!"
Hakkinen nodded watching you.
"If he smiles at the line-men they better be wearing sun glasses!"
Everyone sweatdroped.
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Error by Bladesan Error :iconbladesan:Bladesan 1 5
Mature content
Jack Shit Story :iconbladesan:Bladesan 1 0
L4D2 What Kind of Bread....
Sitting in the safe room was boring as everyone was trying to get as much sleep as  they could before moving on.
You looked over at an bored looking Ellis, you smiled to your self as you remembered something you were going to ask him a while back.
"Hey, Ellis I've got a question for you!" you said moving closer to him.
He looked up at you and grinned.
"Yew can ask me any thing you want [Name]!" he said his grin getting bigger.
"Well I was wondering..." "Hm?"
"I was wondering what typed of bread dose a hunter want?" you said looking at him.
The other three looked over at you with confusion and irritated looks.
Ellis looked at you.
Your grin got even bigger.
"What type of bread dose the hunter want!" you repeated.
He frowned.
"Umm....I don't know what typed?"
He stared at you for a minute as well as the others.
He started to laugh and held his ribs.
The others chuckled.
A little laughter goes a long way in a Zombie Apocalypse.
:iconbladesan:Bladesan 1 3


Mature content
Reiner x Reader - Moonrays :iconlemon-pen:Lemon-pen 174 14
Mature content
Detention (BertoltxReader) HIGHSCHOOL AU (Lime?) :iconburritoprincess:BurritoPrincess 136 73
Hiccup X Reader - Arranged marriages (part 5)
“Dad, I’m going after her.”
After you disappeared, Hiccup ran to his father. He got yelled at pretty bad, but after that Stoick had sent at least 10 men out to look for you. But then the storm had hit, and they had to come back.
“Son, it’s dangerous.” Stoick said. Everyone on Berk was currently huddled in the Great Hall, waiting out the storm.
“But this is my fault!” Hiccup shouted, drawing the attention of almost everyone in the hall. He then hung his head, and Toothless immediately came up to him.  “Dad…I need to find her.”
“I know you do.” Stoick sighed. “But it’s not safe for you out there, and I’m sure (Name) would have found shelter by now.”
Hiccup knew you found shelter, but they still didn’t change anything. He needed to find you, and he needed to find you now.
“…Come on Toothless.” The Night Fury perked up, and as soon as Hiccup got in the saddle,
:iconghostrain1412:GhostRain1412 236 11
Walking on Thin Ice Ch. 5

Walking on Thin Ice
Chapter Five.
That's what he called you that day. Snowflake.
You'd thought nothing of it at the time. It was Jack, after all. He probably called lots of children Snowflake...
But it was after that day...after the evening you'd spent together...that you realised just how endearing the pet name was...
Jack Frost could do many things...But one thing always warmed your heart. 
He made snowflakes by hand.
Each was precious.
And no two were alike.
And you realised then...
That's what you were to him. A precious little twinkle unlike any other.
A special little twinkle.
His little twinkle.
The tear that rolled down your cheek was wet. And cold. 
But this lone, cold tear didn't signify sadness.
:iconstar-korra:Star-Korra 322 284
Mature content
Concoction [JackFrostxReader] :iconkooriakuma:KooriAkuma 99 39
Mature content
Carnal Disorder Part Four [Erwin x Reader x Levi] :iconhassleinparadise:hassleinparadise 89 39
Eventually IV {Dark!Bertholdt x Reader}
The bread in your pocket had turned into a ball of mush. At least you had managed to get it into your pocket. It would give you enough energy to stay somewhat alert for a while. Unfortunately, it did nothing to wash the taste of him from your mouth. The tang of his blood lingered, embedded in your taste-buds and still prominent on your tongue after hours had passed. You had wasted your stolen food trying to rinse Bertholdt's saliva and blood down your throat, hoping the sharp cheese and soft bread would neutralize the taste. You cycled that with gargling water from the sink and spitting it down the drain. You tongue and tonsils ached from your efforts and were dry as sand.
A groan emitted from your mouth. Your stomach was cramping and your head throbbed from thinking so hard about a way to get out. You had tried kicking both doors down but you hadn't made an inch of progress. The door leading to the bedroom still had the dresser firmly against it. The mystery door was, well, a mystery.
:iconpersephon-e:Persephon-e 130 24
Jeff the Killer x Reader - Oneshot
The bed lately has been feeling far too large. The extra room made you feel puny, tiny, worthless. It felt as if the darkness of the room was consuming you. Your arms wrapped around the pillow you didn’t use and pressed it tightly against your chest.
You felt so alone, even in a house filled with others. It sometimes felt like you didn’t belong here, or anywhere. You just.. weren’t meant to exist. In this place filled with demons, you had to accept that you were one of them, too. But what you hated most was that you didn’t have the heart of one; you had the heart of a human. Emotions that you fought so hard to try and hide would plague you constantly.
The Creepy Pasta manor scared you sometimes, especially at night. Of course, they would never hurt you, but the remaining memory of fear that your mind managed to hold onto never really helped in places such as this one. Sometimes Slender would pass you by on your way down to the restroom late at night and it took
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 308 65
Heady {Jeff The Killer x Reader}
There were so many ways to describe your relationship.
No, really. It was like every single bad Word, the words that clearly tell you "stay away" "danger" "do not approach" and those of the sorts were befitting to describe what your relationship with this guy was and yet, you could never find just one that was right. You just knew it had to be that word, that simple word that when you finally found it -you doubt he's been bothered by the lack of that word- it would just click and that was about it.
Because in all honesty, who the fuck becomes the girlfriend of a psychopath killer and acts like it's the most normal thing in the world? Oh, yeah.
And it's not because of the whole 'I hate normal relationships, I want something different, wild, exiting' heck no. In fact, your life was and still is the best, you didn't have much trouble, ended up crushing on guys/girls a lot of times and you never asked for it. It was sort of weird in a way, knowing what you wanted to do every da
:iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 289 45
Jeff the Killer x Reader : Valentines Day
(BF/N) – Best Friend
(F/N) – First Name
(L/N) – Last Name
    -          -              -              -              -              -
Your locker opened with a creek, silenced by the loud students in the crowded hallway. Your eyes scanned over to the schedule on your door, nearly squealing when you saw that your next class was Psychology. You eagerly grabbed your required binders and shoved them in your bag before closing your locker door. (BF/N), your loyal and loving best friend forever(literally), stood ever so silently behind your locker and managed to make you jump out of your ski
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 345 40
Sweat and bruises- Jeff The Killer x Reader{LEMON}
Sweat and tangled limbs.
She'd let out a gasp when he'd dragged his blade across her bare back. He'd let out a low growl when she bit viciously into his neck, lapping at the
blood pooling down his pale skin. He rip her off and shove deeper into the mattress, hands glazing across glistening, {S/C} skin. He'd hit it, watching
it turn red as she moaned his name. He'd smirk when he saw the tears prickling at the corners of her eyes.
The two were simply the perfect pair; Masochism and Sadism collide. Well, the two were a little of both. Yes, he loved it when she clawed at his back
 but he adored watching her cry when he'd painfully whip her back with her fathers old belts. Yet, she mewled when he bit her hard enough to draw
blood and when he winced as she harshly dug her nails deep into his flesh. 
When he pounded into her violently, but she couldn't move an inch because the tip of his machete was in
:iconfirefliy:Firefliy 894 274
Stay-Jeff The Killer X Reader-Ch. 11
Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 11
A.N.: I AM SOOOOOO SORRY THIS IS SOOOOO LATE! I'VE BEEN REALLY, REALLY BUSY AND WRITERS BLOCK DOESN'T HELP!!!! IT'S HERE THOUGH!!!! XD OK well now that the lemons over we're going to do a bit of a time jump. (I'm lazy I'm sorry! DX) You all know the drill!
Jeff, BEN, Masky, Hoodie, E.J.: 18
(F/n), Sam: 17
Slender: Who knows ;-;
Months had past since the expirience between (F/n) and Jeff. BEN laughed about it but ended up being smack by Masky and Slender. And now a day had reached the couple. A day that would change them all.
"Hey (F/n), you remember that one guy we knew back in middle school? Zach?"
"Yeah, what about him?"
(F/n) and Sam both sat outside the abandoned building they'd now all called home, leaning against the wall. Sam was sharpening a stick with a knife she'd taken from Eyeless Jack as they talked. Sam had come met up once more with her only living best friend and chose to stay with the group despite being afraid.
:iconx-saviour-x:X-Saviour-X 309 639
Mature content
Stay-Jeff the Killer X Reader-CH.10 :iconx-saviour-x:X-Saviour-X 591 879
Jeff x Reader - Long Time No See

      When I was younger I was visited by a young boy with a peculiar face. Wide owl eyes, and the most friendly red smile. He use to visit me all the time, claiming I seemed just like a little boy he use to know very well. He showed me many things, and told me many stories. Some about how he got how he was, and some of how much he missed his family sometimes. He also told me some things that I now find disturbing, but back then just though it was some sort of game.
    He'd tell me of how he'd crawl up into other peoples houses just like he did mine, and would tell them to go to sleep. How he'd call there house, and tell them the most harsh things. Then in the end he'd do what he had called 'sending them to a dream place.' Once I had asked him so foolishly if he'd show me the 'dream place.' With which he would always reply 'maybe someday.'
    I hadn't figured out till much later in m
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 280 72
Jeff x Reader - Bleeding Affections 11

You giggled as you followed Smile around on your hands and knees, barking like a puppy as you did so. The dog looked less then pleased, almost scared even as he ran ahead of you only for you to trail behind him on your hands and knees as fast as you could. You giggled as the dog let out a howl doing what you assumed was calling for Jeff considering a few seconds later said killer made his way into the room, asking his dog what was wrong till he saw you.
“______, what the hell are you doing to my dog?” He mumbled, raising an eyebrow as he watched you continue to follow the dog around till he let out another howl.
“What?” You hummed, coming to a stop in your game long enough to focus on the killer and his words which for the most part you could careless about.
“What are you doing to my dog!?” He repeated, looking a little irritated at the fact you had completely ignored him the first time
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 254 133



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